CapturePoint is a Texas-based company providing carbon capture, transport, and permanent sequestration solutions for stakeholders seeking decarbonization. 

Current Operations

CapturePoint currently owns and operates assets that capture, transport, and sequester carbon consistent with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) strict standards for permanent carbon sequestration. These assets are earning U.S. government 45Q Tax Credits on ~1.0 million tons per year of CO2.

CENLA Hub – Central Louisiana Regional Carbon Storage Hub

  • CapturePoint has secured permanent injection and storage rights underneath ~14,000 surface acres in Central Louisiana that contain premier geology capable of permanently sequestering several hundred million tons of CO2 (the “CENLA Hub”).
  • CapturePoint is creating scalable carbon capture and sequestration facilities that will allow it to secure and permanently store CO2 from industrial sources across Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Gulf Coast region.
  • CapturePoint filed for an EPA Class VI permit in June 2022 to advance the first CO2 sequestration wells in the CENLA Hub and expects to file a permit application for a second storage site in the CENLA Hub in the first half of 2023.
  • The availability and proximity of turnkey carbon sequestration infrastructure will act as a catalyst to attract carbon intensive industries to locate in areas where CapturePoint owns and operates the CENLA storage sites.

Map of CENLA Hub

Other Projects

CapturePoint is currently developing Class VI injection sites in Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Texas.

For information, please contact:

Breck Bash, VP