CapturePoint Oklahoma Carbon Hub

Osage and Kay Counties, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Carbon Hub map
  • CapturePoint continues to develop significant CO2-EOR tertiary oil recovery operations in Oklahoma’s historic Burbank oilfield.
  • CapturePoint operates CO2-EOR production in the 23,500 acres of the North Burbank Unit (where the company also owns ~6,900 acres of the surface lands).
  • Utilizing CO2 captured from CVR Partners’ Coffeyville, Kansas nitrogen fertilizer plant, which is then transported by pipeline 68 miles southwest to Osage County, Oklahoma, CapturePoint has over 80 active Class II CO2 injection wells (as well as more than 45 active Class II water injection wells) currently operating in the North Burbank Unit. 
  • CPS has contracted rights to another 10,000 acres of CO2 storage space in Osage and Kay Counties and applied for a Class VI CO2 injection well permit to expand the CapturePoint Oklahoma Carbon Hub with a deep underground carbon storage site.
  • The CapturePoint Oklahoma Carbon Hub will host a unique array of carbon solutions, placing the State of Oklahoma at the leading edge of responsible carbon management.
  • Azure, which is developing a sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) bio-production plant in Cherryvale, Kansas, has announced CapturePoint will capture CO2 emissions for sequestration  in the Oklahoma Carbon Hub.
  • Heimdal has announced it will locate its first commercial-scale direct air capture facility onsite at the CapturePoint Oklahoma Carbon Hub.
  • Currently, up to 750,000 metric tons of CO2 are sequestered annually in the CO2-EOR operations.  In 5 years, the potential expansion of new carbon solutions at the CapturePoint Oklahoma Carbon Hub could sequester 2 to 4 million tons of CO2 annually.