Central Louisiana Regional Carbon Storage Hub

Rapides Parish and Vernon Parish, Louisiana 

  • The CPS Central Louisiana Regional Carbon Storage Hub (CPS CENLA Hub) has the potential to be one of the largest onshore deep underground storage centers in the United States, with the capacity to store over two billion tons of CO2 in the coming decades.
  • CPS has contracted for over 20,000 acres of deep underground geologic carbon storage space in the CPS CENLA Hub.
  • Stratigraphic testing has confirmed that the CPS CENLA Hub geology can sustain multiple CO2 injection zones.
  • Two of the nation’s largest energy companies – Energy Transfer and Southwest Energy Company – have committed to capture CO2 from their Haynesville natural gas facilities to launch sequestration operations in the CPS CENLA Hub.
  • The formal offtake agreement with Energy Transfer includes options to jointly develop the CENLA Hub and to review all Energy Transfer Louisiana facilities for potential CO2 capture opportunities.  
  • Bia Energy has announced that CO2 captured from its planned Low-Carbon Blue Methanol Project in the Port of Caddo-Bossier near Shreveport will be permanently stored in the CPS CENLA Hub.
  • The Port of Caddo-Bossier will also be the home to Heirloom’s two planned Direct Air Capture facilities and CapturePoint’s CENLA Hub will be the storage partner for those as well.
  • Committed CO2 sources already total nearly 2 million tons to be sequestered annually in the CPS CENLA Hub.
  • CPS is offering carbon management services to other energy companies producing or processing natural gas in the Haynesville, as well as reaching out to other industrial-scale CO2 emitters in Louisiana that could benefit from sequestration in the CPS CENLA Hub.
  • To date, CPS has filed applications for two Class VI CO2 injection permits (one in Rapides Parish and the other in Vernon Parish). Each permit would allow for up to 6 CO2 injection wells storing ~1 million tons of CO2 per year, with a maximum total of 7.5 million tons of CO2 stored per year.
  • In cooperation with the local school district and the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, CPS is sponsoring the Vernon Parish School Board “Capturing Better Futures” Initiative to create career training pathways for high school students, a project which has drawn national attention as a successful model for community engagement and for proactive economic and environmental justice.
  • A new documentary shows how local families and leaders have engaged positively with the CENLA Hub project, and how their community values are reflected by the Capturing Better Futures initiative, which began training the first students in August 2023.
    See a video featuring this exciting community initiative!